Marco fazio

DP | Filmmaker | Video Editor

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Videographer, editor, sound recordist, musician, what else?

I like to tell stories.

I studied Audio Video and Multimedia on “Accademia di belle Arti” in Palermo Italy. During those 5 years I learned how to communicate through Images: Moving picture, photography, sound, animation. 

Before studying at the Accademia I learnt the piano for fourteen years (since I was child) and I also graduated from  the Conservatory in 2014. For these reasons when I started working on videos my first experiences have influenced me to focus on sound. I was boom operator, sounds recordist and audio foley artist.
Even my graduation thesis in the Accademia was about sound recording workflow of independent Film “Totò e Vicé (2017)”. 

In the last three years my focus has progressively moved to the visual element of moving pictures:
Image composition, lighting, editing and colour grading. But sound is, and will always be, very important in my work. I feel my musical knowledge makes me a better filmmaker and editor probably because music has made me patient, perfectionist, 
with eye for detail and also in moving picture rhythm and timing are really important and I learnt all of this from music.

During my studies in Accademia I have had several experience as camera assistant, camera operator, editor, basic VFX compositor.
I like to work on each stage of video production: shooting, editing and post-production. I’m also a tech geek and therefore enjoy the most technical parts of this job – the image workflow – camera sensors, codecs, camera rigging, lenses, colour grading. 
Everything from the camera to the finished film.

But what I love doing the most is to tell stories using my expertise. 
To use lighting, editing, colour, sound to add something that words alone can’t do.

Every story is a new story when told in a different way.

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